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Long-term readers will know how much I love comedy, and Katherine Ryan is one of my favourite comedians. This video is not a comedy show but rather an interview asking her how you live a 'high performance' life. Not only is she Canadian, which grants her a readily acknowledged privilege, she's authentic and unrelenting, and this comes through in her response. "In this episode, Katherine takes us behind the scenes of her comedy path, reflecting on her journey from scraping by as a single mom to her decision to create space for women in the industry by stepping away from Mock the Week. She offers insights into finding positivity in life and leading with gratitude, and sheds light on the reality of hard work." It's interesting how much overlap I found between her responses and would I would respond if asked a similar question. I don't know how good this channel is in general - there's a certain attitude that might either work or not work with other people - but I'll probably listen to more episodes.

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