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We didn't really need a full column for the explanation. The explanation we got talks about how algorithm-based clickbait doesn't monetize in 2024. Which is true, but irrelevant. It wouldn't have mattered what the idea was. VC's don't fund ideas, they fund people like themselves. You know: white, male, well-heeled, with good connections, who spend like rich people and burn through $50 million in less than a year. (If you're buying educational technology, take note; it's a rare VC-funded operation that sustains value over time. Note: Messenger founder Jimmy Finkelstein didn't found The Hill as asserted in the article, he inherited it from his father and sold it for $130 million. Also worth noting: follow the link at the bottom to the 'gift' NY Times article by the author on The Miseducation of Nikki Haley and segregation academies (and once again I say, if you value democracy, don't hide the really important stories behind a paywall). See also: Ineptitude bordering on cruelty.

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