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There's no doubt in my mind that "education has a vital role in tackling the catastrophic impact of the climate emergency." And arguably "there's abundant evidence that educators, worldwide, lack the knowledge and skills to effectively address the climate crisis in their teaching." So this free course from the Open University is appreciated. However. The presentation could be a lot better - the real point of the course seems to be to get people to sign up for and enroll in other OU courses. The clutter is so bad that on any given course page (and I went through the whole thing) you don't see any course content without scrolling (as illustrated in the image). And despite the recommendations about collaborative learning (with an unfortunate reference to Kirschner, Sweller and Clark, 2006) there's no mechanism enabling course participants to communicate with each other. Meanwhile, the course has eschewed image alt descriptions in favour of a hidden element below each photo (maybe that's OK? but it seems wrong). Via Sheila MacNeill.

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