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According to this report, "The top three responses for both educators and learners were: to get a job;  for the enjoyment of learning, and getting a 'good education'; and to develop friendships." 600 learners and 80 educators were sampled. The writing could be a lot clearer, and a lot less wordy, both in the post and the full report (28 page PDF) (for example, despite the ordering, it appears that 'develop friendships' was the top factor, though it's euphemistically described as "a notable purpose of Scottish education" in the report. These are contrasted with 'the four capacities', which the report refers to a lot but never defines (there's a single blurry icon listing them, but here's a much better description): successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens, effective contributors. The most important (and therefore buried) point was this: asked where those skills were best developed, students pointed most to extracurricular activities, such as clubs and sports.


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