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Alastair Creelman quotes a post by Ian Betteridge, The information grey goo, that "states that anywhere content can be created will ultimately be flooded with AI-generated words and pictures. New AI applications will feed off the old AI content and the mix becomes increasingly inaccurate, resulting in what he describes as AI Grey Goo, a swamp of rubbish." Such a future would be bad, but is it realistic? First, there will be havens of AI-free content. This newsletter is one such example. It's only the platforms that will fill up with AI-generated content. Things like personal blogs, photo albums will be mostly AI-free. But what of AI-generated content: will it really be rubbish? Maybe not. There's no reason to suppose developers would train AI on AI-generated content, for exactly the reason cited here. AI developers will seek out original content wherever they can find it, the higher the quality the better.

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