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As this article reports, "The legal battle stems from an hourlong special, titled George Carlin: I'm Glad I'm Dead, that was released Jan. 9 on the YouTube channel of Dudesy, a podcast hosted by Will Sasso and Chad Kultgen." It features an ersatz George Carlin talking about "modern topics such as the prevalence of reality TV, streaming services and AI." While Carlin obviously never talked about these, the Carlin Estate argues, "the AI program that created the special ingested five decades of Carlin's original stand-up routines, which are owned by the comedian's estate, as training materials, 'thereby making unauthorized copies' of the copyrighted works." However, "Given that AI models are largely black boxes, there's no definitive proof that can be offered to prove that a specific work was used in a chatbot's creation." Via George Station. Related: Do Counterfeit Digital People Threaten the Cognitive Elite?

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