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While I wouldn't expect Clark Quinn cease being a sceptic about learning styles, this short post shows some movement avay from the idea that there's no real difference between learners. We can't just design one learning experience for everybody no matter what some might say; he related the ofty-told story about the airplane cockpit that as designed for the 'average' pilot but which fit nobody (a plight I can relate to as a large man forced to sit in seats designed for the average passenger). Having said all that, the last paragraph feel like he's changing his tune again: "That said, we will need to design for the 'normal' audience." So long as we make content 'accessible' (because that would be the only relevant difference between people?). No. If we design for 'average' we are making people as miserable as they are in airplane seats. Yes, everybody gets to the desitination at the same time, so we may think it doesn't matter. But it does. Think it through.

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