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I mean, we all knew it was bad. But this bad? "Each participant in the study had their data sent to Facebook by 2,230 companies. That number varied significantly, with some panelists' data listing over 7,000 companies providing their data." The surveillance extends far outside Facebook and Insta. "This type of tracking which occurs entirely outside of the user's view is just so far outside of what people expect when they use the internet... they don't expect Meta to know what stores they walk into or what news articles they're reading or every site they visit online." Even if you don't use Facebook, your data is being used to inform Facebook advertising. "Custom audiences allow advertisers to upload customer lists to Meta, often including identifiers like email addresses and mobile advertising IDs. These customers, and so-called 'lookalike audiences' made up of similar people, can then be targeted with ads on Meta's platforms."

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