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I skipped over a couple of items today touting new books in learning technology. Books - the traditional kind, written on paper that you have to pay real money for - seems to me the least useful way to talk about how we learn and work online (though I'm sure their authors value the publicity publishers are willing to provide for them). Open online books, though, are another story. And to me, almost anything that gets these books into wider distribution is a good thing. That's what Thoth does. "Thoth is a metadata management and dissemination platform and service specifically tailored to tackle the problems of getting Open Access books into the wider supply chain. Thoth enables publishers to ingest, create, manage and export fully open, CC0-licensed metadata for their books in a variety of formats and platform-specific flavours of e.g. MARC, KBART, JSON, and ONIX via open APIs." Think of it as a fediverse for books - and a way to break into what until very recently has been a commercial monopoly.

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