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It has taken decades to get some groups of scholars to embrace open access, and sometimes it takes a push, as it did in this case. I highlight the emergence of the new Journal, Political Philosophy, out of the ashes of the publisher-owned Journal of Political Philosophy. "Wiley had been pushing the journal to publish more articles per year because of the turn towards open-access publishing agreements, which generate fees for the publisher on a per-article basis," writes Justin Weinberg. "Political Philosophy is emphatically a Diamond Open Access journal: it does not charge obligatory fees to either readers or authors, in the interest of scholarly equity." There have been many cases like this, but I highlight this one because it comes on the heels of Richard Poynder declaring "After reporting on the open access movement for 20+ years I have reached the conclusion that the movement has failed." I don't agree, and developments like this one underline the continuing transition to from an almost entirely closed academic publication to a much more open and accessible system.

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