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This is a long post that really gets into the details but if you're interested in the upcoming integration of Meta's Threads service with the fediverse, then you'll want to take a long slow read, as I did. The upshot, as described by Tom Coates, is that "they (Meta) perhaps think the future is a few large companies maintaining clients in a shared social space, where there's also a long tail of other independent clients." He adds, "I think this is a realpolitik alternative to one large company owning everything – I think such a system would be better than now and solve a bunch of problems, but is not in any way a utopian vision of how the world could be." I think both points are true, but he is, I think, light on one major point: how does defederation work as a means of managing content when one instance consists of 160 million people while most of the rest consist of a few thousand? I don't think it does work, which means we're stuck either allowing the Threads equivalent of Truth Social along with the rest, or blocking it and thereby blocking the other 160 million people. It's not a good choice. Image: Digiday.

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