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This is another entry in the genre of posts called "quit lit" - where you announce you are quitting a platform and giving the reasons why. Quit lit has its critics but I feel than when someone makes a significant life decisions (which is what a choice of social media platform amounts to these days) they are entitled to explain why. And in the case of Substack, there are some compelling reasons why. But the main point in this article is the explanation of where moderation is needed: "Ghost, a Substack competitor, has almost no real moderation to speak of, but no one seems to care. You know why? Because it's not trying to jam all of its users into one feed to compete with Twitter or whatever." This is key to understand: moderation is not censorship. You can go off and say anything you want in your own space. Nobody's stopping you. Nobody's listening either. No, it's when you insist on polluting someone else's space with your objectionable message that moderators need to step in.

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