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Introducing the GPT Store

OpenAI, Jan 10, 2024

OpenAI has launched a 'GPT Store' "to help you find useful and popular custom versions of ChatGPT." One such app is Consensus, which looks at some 200 million academic papers to craft its responses. Naturally I asked it about myself. I think it's telling that the initial apps listed have a lot to do with online learning (here's the full list of 'featured GPTs', quoted):

  • Personalized trail recommendations from AllTrails
  • Search and synthesize results from 200M academic papers with Consensus
  • Expand your coding skills with Khan Academy's Code Tutor
  • Design presentations or social posts with Canva
  • Find your next read with Books
  • Learn math and science anytime, anywhere with the CK-12 Flexi AI tutor

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