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Doc Searls has two interesting posts, one describing the utter collapse of the news industry, and a second, this one, describing what may come next. "The three current business models for local news were advertising, subscription, and philanthropy," he writes, "and (I) promised a fourth. This is it: emancipayments." It's not easy to figure out exactly what he means. It's not new (see also here and here); he's been promoting it for almost 15 years. It has something to do with relationships and conversations. And it's about having the customer decide what to pay, when to pay, and how much to pay. I don't know. Obviously it's good to pay people to report news and to create learning resources and such, and obviously changing each individual reader at the door is a bad idea (which is why the news media industry collapsed). But I'm not sure we can engineer our way out of the problem.

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