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"Over two months, by feeding every word Seligman had ever written into cutting-edge AI software, he and his team had built an eerily accurate version of Seligman himself — a talking chatbot whose answers drew deeply from Seligman's ideas, whose prose sounded like a folksier version of Seligman's own speech, and whose wisdom anyone could access." I have to admit, this is my backup plan for immortality in the event of my demise (it would be nice to also carry my consciousness through to the system as well, but alas, that is as yet a bridge too far). Also, I guess it's not unreasonable to predict the rise of a 'no artificial people' lobbying effort. Already, we have this: "Even Wu — a seasoned scholar of America's complicated tech economy — held a straightforward view on the unsanctioned use of AI to impersonate humans. 'My instinct is strong and immediate on it,' Wu said. 'I think it's unethical and I think it is something close to body snatching.'" Would the sanctioned use of AI be OK? I'm sure no small number of people will answer, "no".

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