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So here's a question: suppose you read a New York Times article and, on the basis of that, had an inspiration that led to you creating a billion-dollar technology? How many copies of the article would you have had to pay for? One, surely. You don't need a 'license' to be inspired by content. Only to copy it - and even then, only in very specific circumstances. Suppose you read a large number of NY Times articles in order to get that idea. Still, one subscription would be enough, wouldn't it? Supposded you read every NY Times article before you got that idea. For this reason, I don't think the NY Times can win it's case against OpenAI (nor should it). All you need is one subscription, and I don't think the Times will be able to show that they were somehow hacked in order to save that $20/Cdn per per year by OpenAI.

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