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Evernote is a popular note-taking and personal organization app. But it's a commercial platform, expensive, and losing value. So this question was posed as a thread on Mastodon for a friend who "uses Evernote but is getting fed up with the lock-in, the enshittification, and so on." Alternatives suggested include: Logseq, which "is more technical and you have to pay for the premium sync; Joplin, an "open source client and server, so no need to pay anything if you want to (sync)"; Anytype, reported as "really good but not as mature"; and Obsidian, self-described as a "note‑taking app that adapts to the way you think".(Note: compare the link on and the link on and you can see how two Mastodon instances get different lists of responses because they don't federate with the same set of instances.)

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