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"It's increasing clear to me like people simply don't believe OpenAI when they're told that data won't be used for training," writes Simon Willison. It doesn't really matter what the evidence is any more. It's like when people believed (or still believe!) Facebook is listening to them on their microphone. The belief persisted even when there was evidence against it because people simply don't trust Facebook. And why would they? So, similarly, when Dropbox says it's enabling AI functions that can use Dropbox contents, people immediately suspect that the data is going straight to OpenAI. because why wouldn't they? "The fundamental question here is about training data: what are OpenAI using to train their models? And the answer is: we have no idea! The entire process could not be more opaque. Given that, is it any wonder that when OpenAI say 'we don't train on data submitted via our API' people have trouble believing them?"

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