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I was prepared to give this post the credibility I would normally associate with Josh Bersin, but after seeing references to Galileo™ throughout I had second thoughts. The ™ is a dead giveaway; only owners pollute their writing with the unnecessary mark. It turns out Galileo was created and marketed starting last month by Bersin as "the world's first AI-powered expert assistant for HR." I'm sure it isn't; here's another, and another, and ten more. But that's not the point. My question is, can I trust Bersin now when he says "of all the domains to be impacted by AI, perhaps the biggest transformation is taking place in corporate learning?" Once, maybe, but not any more. It's fine if Bersin wants to be a product vendor; more power to him. But you can't be a trustworthy consultant and product vendor in the same space. Everything becomes about marketing your product. As is the case with this article.

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