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Richard MacManus identifies three major trends heading into 2024, though he spends the most time on the first: the fediverse as a social media renaissance. Decentralized applications like Mastodon and Peertube and others are gaining ground, but it's more of a slow burn than a meteoric rise. No problem. The second trend is a bit like the first, but for developers: the rise of web components over React. Finally, third, MacManus asserts that "two previous hype train trends were unceremoniously shunted off the tracks this year: Web3 and metaverse." There's no question AI hype drowned them out. But you'd be mistaken, I'd say, if you think they're going away. Maybe we'll use different names (like JSON Web Tokens, for example) but we need things like encryption and persistence, which is what these concepts represent. These, indeed, are the glue that will make decentralization work.

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