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JSON Web Tokens

AuthIO, Okta, Dec 10, 2023

I want to point not only to the technology but also to the excellent way the concept has been presented here. Jason Web Tokens (JWT) are a method of sending information securely from one service to another. They contain a header, a payload, and a signature. The decoded message consists of JSON data that can be used to send credentials or contents. The JWT is created by hashing the contents with encryption algorithms and chaining them (much the way a blockchain works) so the content can't be changed without invalidating the whole message. This may sound complicated, but the presentation on this page makes the whole concept a lot clearer. Try playing around with the data to see what happens. Try sharing a JWT and sending it to another person by email as a URL to click on. It's your own way of sending verified messages! There's a very detailed and useful technical eBook you can download (I've linked directly but you may want to give them your information as they request).

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