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Nov 30, 2023

This post isn't about the Canadian economy, but about the source of the news. Here I'm linking to a site called not because I want to recommend it to everyone but because it's illustrative of what we need to have to manage our understanding in a complex (and often misleading) news environment. aggregates news reports by the story being covered, and displays these in topic areas (for example, 'Canadian Economy'). The idea is to give you the same story from a wide range of perspectives, and to assess the 'factuality' of each report. It's a paid service, unfortunately (though it's cheap) and you still face news media paywalls. And it has a strange understanding of left and right wing bias - it puts the National Post and CTV in the centre of the spectrum, which is surely incorrect. It also repeats identical coverage from multiple small sources in a chain. But I like the way it identifies 'blind spots' (for example, only 8% right wing coverage of 'Changing climate could add more than $4B to cost of Ontario's infrastructure, report finds'). Taken as a whole, the site is an object lesson in media literacy, and as such, an effective learning tool.

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