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We all agree, I think, that the world is becoming more complex every day. And so there are more things, and more types of things, people need to learn. This list points to some, and the items get pretty specific: things like next-generation economics, neuroscience, data science, etc. Compare this list, which will date pretty quickly, with what I recommended seventeen years ago, ans which holds up pretty well, I think. That's the problem with these lists: creating value that will last a lifetime versus specific stuff that is useful today. The 'content knowledge' people tend to focus on the specific, arguing people can't learn the general. But I would counter, if you don't learn the general, you can't learn the specific. The trick, I think, is to combine them: the specific content is the McGuffin, that draws people in, but the educator is always focused on the things you really need to learn.

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