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When I first started bikepacking (that is, going on self-supported off-road cycling trips across long distances) a couple of year ago, I explained it to my sceptical family by saying "I want to do something hard." There's value in doing something hard. So I understand what Nick Cave means when he says "ChatGPT rejects any notions of creative struggle, that our endeavors animate and nurture our lives giving them depth and meaning. It rejects that there is a collective, essential and unconscious human spirit underpinning our existence, connecting us all through our mutual striving." But I don't agree with him. We'll always be able to find something hard to do, even if there's an easy e-bike alternative. AI won't change who we are through it may push back against some long cherished myths about the nature of our existence in the universe. We will find that we really aren't so special after all. Anyhow, enjoy the video.

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