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This article looks at OpenAI's new assistants. The instructions could be clearer, so here's my version (created through testing): You activate them by opening the OpenAI platform and then, from the left-side menu (it's hard to find, move your mouse all the way over), select 'Assistants'. Click on the 'Create' button. You'll provide a name, 'instructions', seelect a GPT model (3.5 is available; you need a paid subscription for GPT-4) and select the tools you want to include. Click 'Save'. To try it, click 'Test' (the link is in the upper right hand corner and hard to spot). You'll open up your new tool 'Playground'. Philippa Hardman suggests some educational uses for your model (including 'curriculim generator' and 'feedback assistant'). Your experience will make it clear, I think, that an AI-assistant makes sense only in the context of doing something else (in my case, writing software), and not as some sort of stand-alone engine feeding you content. Related: Vicki Davis, How to Make Your Own GPT.

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