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Let me say right off that I am disappointed that "you are not going to be able to upload your consciousness into a computer," as reported here. I have maybe 20 years left for them to make this work, so I don't want to hear this kind of news. More seriously, while Sonya McChristie is deflating expectations, she also argues that AI is a bubble. "I don't believe improvements from here on are going to be much more than incremental," she writes. Also, jobs will change, not be eliminated, and meanwhile, AI is deepening inequalities and making the climate crisis worse. What fascinates me about articles like this (and this one is basically a 'greatest hits' version of them) is that these claims are made without any real evidence. Pointing to single instances of this or that isn't indicative of a trend. I'm seeing AI begin to build a sustainable business model, I'm seeing it help non-experts do things, and smart energy management has already saved more energy than AI will likely ever consume. And it's not just some "set of rules which could be programmed into a computer." Educators do themselves no favours when they scatter before AI squawking like frightened chickens.

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