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Brian Lamb, Abject, Nov 01, 2023

I can only imagine how much of an impact this experience will have had on Brfian Lamb, who here recounts his experience working in Nairobi, Kenya, "on a three week assignment as an E-learning Development Advisor with a truly inspiring organization called RefuSHE." Even before arriving in Kenya, he reports, he took "hours of asynchronous and live online training for WUSC's "flagship international volunteer cooperation initiative", IGNI+E, which is intended 'to help address the root causes of youth unemployment in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Jordan and Côte d'Ivoire – particularly for young women.'" This includes courses "on intercultural sensitivity, gender equality and social inclusion, environmental sustainability and climate action" as well as "training on the more direct requirements of an international assignment, such as maintaining physical and mental health, and various elements of safety and security."

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