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This is just an advertisement, but it's an interesting sign of the times. The assertion is essentially that we donb't need things like SCORM or even xAPI any more to publish learning content. The problem, according to this article, is this: " Because SCORM files can be difficult and expensive to maintain, SCORM rot has become increasingly prevalent." Now I'm not sure whether Dan Marsden, the expert referenced in the title, is quoted here or is the author. I guess it doesn't matter (but clarity would be nice). " Moodle and Tōtara integrate well with H5P, an open-source modern and easy-to-use HTML5 editing tool. It allows anyone to create rich interactive content within their web browser." This is true, but of course, the purpose of SCORM and xAPI were to pass information between the browser and the content (for example, who used it, what they did, how well they performed, whether they finished viewing it). This use isn't mentioned here.

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