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Regular readers of OLDaily will know that this is something we've been expecting for some time now. It's close enough to being a mainstream idea that all we need is for some professor at an elite university like MIT or Stanford to 'discover' it and get credit; then it will be real and have a History and everything. Anyhow, the real pioneers are working at technical colleges and are already saying things like "In regards to this comment, 'I used a lot of AI to create some of the text and all of the images.'  I think this is the norm now. I use it to create SLOs for many of my courses and lesson plans." Sure, there are sceptics (some even in this Google discussion thread), and sure, there are things that need to be done to make it better. But the trend has already started; it won't be long now before people start  talking about AI-generated OER being created 'on demand' for individual learners based on their needs and interests. Image: Media and Learning.

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