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This article offers some gee whiz numbers on podcasting ("Globally, podcasting will be worth $23.5 Bn in 2023 and this is expected to increase at a compound growth rate of 28% over the next seven years") and argues it will be easy for anyone to produce them, as follows:

  • Use ChatGPT to ingest your website's RSS feed and create a podcast script summarizing the stories from the past day or week.
  • Copy/paste the script into an AI text-to-speech tool to create an audio file.
  • Upload the audio file into your favorite podcasting platform for distribution to Apple, Spotify, Google, other podcast networks, or even embed it on your own website.

Sounds great - except that this is the opposite of what people want from a podcast. From what I would observe, what people want most of all is personality or what Terry Anderson used to call 'presence'. It's not just a summary (I've seen so many automated newsletters come and go over the years) but a personal perspective. (Now you could make something like that with ChatGPT, but it would have to be infused with a personality (for example, by running all the summaries through an interpretation informed by the full Stephen Downes body of thought) but that would not be simple and easy to produce).

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