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2023 Protocol Roadmap

AT Protocol, Oct 13, 2023

Though a bit technical and most relevant for developers, "This post lays out the current AT Protocol (atproto) development plan" that will be used by the BlueSky social media app "through to a 'version one' release." Highlights:  "We are pushing towards federation on the production network early next year (2024)"; "We plan to submit future governance and formalization of the core protocol to an independent standards body." I don't see why they can't use ActivityPub like everybody else, but it seems like they want to be the 'Apple of the fediverse'. Though one thing we all want, I think, is "seamless migration of both identity and public content from one PDS instance to another." They also note, "Anti-spam efforts will be a crucial part of opening federation. It is not a protocol-level change per-say, but we expect to deploy automated systems to combat spam by labeling posts and accounts at scale."  Also important: "The plan is to bring development and governance of the protocol itself to an established standards body around the time the network opens to federation."

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