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I've run into these sorts of issues myself, which is why I fully support this rant from Wouter Groeneveld. "very single time one of my digs encounters an APA paper, I curse. What's the purpose of you developing a scale when you put it behind closed doors? This is even dumber when the scale consists of just a few items that's easily repeatable in another paper." Also, "It seems that very few scientists think beyond papers when it comes to promoting and publishing their work. The Short Scale of Creative Self could easily be converted into a simple single .html webpage for anyone to access." Groeneveld finally notes, "Most scales are not even that useful. They're a quick quantitative way to help identify the first layer of the problem." I would say that while the paywalls are obviously about money, they are also the best mechanism we have for representing trivial research as serious and deep, well beyond the ken of the average reader.

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