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This is (unlabeled) advertorial content for Vericant's AI Insights reprinted in PIE news. It asserts in essence that AI can be used to analyze student admissions interviews. To be honest, the whole idea of admissions, much less admissions interviews, seems wrong to me. But if you are using interviews, this might seem appealing: "An AI tool can review hundreds of interviews and pinpoint critical moments, topics discussed, and even the sentiment behind responses. This allows admissions officers to focus on the crux of the interview rather than getting bogged down by the volume." So, let's suppose this is true. Then why can't companies do the same thing during the hiring process? Why do they need college and university credentials? This is the dilemma facing higher education: if it automates any part of the process, it removes any barrier that prevents others from automating the same process, leaving them performing functions (like admissions interviews) that are less and less relevant to the rest of the world.

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