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Derek Morrison's dissection of the UKeU hearings was pre-empted by the release of the official (uncorrected) transcripts of the hearings, but I'm sure the official version doesn't capture the testiness of the exchange as well as this summary. One the one hand, we have Sir Anthony Cleaver saying " ... one should have given this the chance to succeed or you should not have started it. I think, having started it, they owed it to us to give us long enough to show that we could be successful ..." On the other hand, we have the queries about the 9.5 million Pound e-learning contracted to Sun. "So what's going to happen to the apparently valuable asset? Not much according to John Beaumont: 'I would be suprised if it was able to be widely used ... it's not a simple application, people would need to be trained on it, people would need to know how to support it ... '" Ouch. I don't think Sun will be too welcome in London for a while.

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