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I found this item via Joss Colchester on LinkedIn. It's a proposal for social reorganization (and of course would force us to rethink education in that context). According to the Introduction (61 page PDF) (summary version) the plan focuses "on pathways which encourage distributed agency and participation from a super-diverse public to challenge concentrations of power and responsibility." Now I think there's a lot of merit to such an approach. But I would encoutrage readers to see this document as describing what could be. A decentralized form of governance would, by necessity, grow organically. We can't say in advance whether we would want objects (like forests and bodies of water) to be self-owning and have rights. We don't know whether we want "the ability to view the world from multiple perspectives (as) essential for tackling complex, interconnected challenges" or to "expand the subject/object dichotomy to include intersubjective, interobjective, and nondual perspectives." You can talk more with them on Discord.

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