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Good short article that summarizes an interview about a book in which "neuroscientist Terry Sejnowski discusses the early struggles of deep learning, its explosion into the mainstream, and the lessons learned from decades of research and development.". It's useful to keep in mind that the AI that everybody's talking about these days didn't develop overnight; it has been decades in the making and for a long time was considered "a fool's errand" while "symbolic AI dominated the most prestigious universities and research labs in the U.S.". But for current AI to succeed, researchers had the rethink what they thought they knew. "The bottom line is you cannot trust your intuition. And what people in AI were trying to do was to automate by writing a program what their intuition told them intelligence was." The same will be true in other domains. When we say someone has 'learned', what does that mean? That they can recite a string of symbols? articulate a rule? offer an explanation? Not so. Never has been so.

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