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We don't usually think of an airplane as learning technology, especially since international travel is limited to so few people. No, usually we're thinking, quite properly, of digital technologies like video streaming, RSS, and the fediverse, to name a few. But it's hard for me to deny the influence travel has had on my world view and perspective - from reading the words of Olegas Truchanas on the side of a building in Strahan, Tasmania, watching the cattle-boys of Lesotho, to helping with an EduCamp in Medellin. Even the summer camp I attended as a child and my bikepacking trips have had a profound influence on me. I don't know of anyone who travels who is left unchanged. One of the hopes I have for online learning is that it frees people from the need to learn in some specific place, and allows them to explore the world (using, I would hope, environmentally friendly transportation).

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