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Now this is good advice on how to teach writing: "Teaching writing means a series of assignments that build on each other, that involve brainstorming and prewriting activities, and that involve activities like peer reviews, discussions of revision, reflection from students on the process, and so forth. I require students in my first year comp/rhet classes to 'show their work'. And yes, this would make the assignment AI-proof. Just one caveat, though. I did this the first time I ever taught a class. I had 80 students. It involved giving each iteration a careful review and offering thoughtful, meaningful comments. The students appreciated, but even they recognized just how much work it involved. I never did it for a whole class again, because I wanted to have a life beyond assessing student work. Ah, but wouldn't it be great if computers could provide this sort of assessment! See also: chatGPT and assessment, by Selena. Image: E-Learning Industry.

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