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The hardest course I had in my first year of college was electronics. So I was naturally interested in this press release article, "CircuitBread aims to make electronics, embedded systems, and electrical engineering easily accessible to anyone, from the general interest hobbyist or student to the seasoned expert." I gave a thorough review and am pleased to say I like it. A lot. It's all free and open access content with a variety of ways to learn electronics, either from a theoretical or a practical perspective. I should note that I looked carefully for marketing and promotion and such and couldn't find it. Much of the work on the site doesn't require components, but there are numerous hands-on activities and you'll want to connect to - a site run by the same company that runs CircuitBread - to pick up the doodads you'll need (though I note that tutorials feel free to recommend sourcing material from places like Arduino or wherever (there were even instructions showing how to 3D print your own USB power source), and I had to dig to even discover you could buy parts through OnlineComponents.

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