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I am a part of this group that creates a photo every day and shares it (by 'every day' I mean 'most days'). Alan Levine writes about his experience with the group, remarking, "It's hardly a community, it's more like strangers engaging in similar pursuit and never talking about it, just doing it. I kind of think this is fascinating." He also describes how he made a video of his 2022 photos (I'm not going to do that; my set of photos will have to stand on its own (though they do have their own blog)). And like him, I'm doing the same in 2023 - taking a photo a day, adding a note about the photo and what I did that day, uploading to Flickr, from which it's automatically reposted to the aforementioned blog and to my personal Twitter feed. Should I send it to Mastodon? No - Mastodon is more for conversations and complaining when I encounter programming problems, not republishing photos.

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