Capturing the Value of "Generation Tech" Employees

Marc Prensky, Strategy+Business, Jul 02, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It's yet another explanation of "digital natives," the young people who have grown up with computers, and consequently, a new way of thinking and learning. But this bit is interesting: "Have you ever noticed that digital natives, unlike digital immigrants, don’t talk about 'information overload'? Rather, they crave more information." The lesson here is that many of the concerns being expressed about online learning - I just heard someone talk about the 'fear of IT' - are concerns expressed by a generation, the last generation, of a pre-computer world. These concerns will disappear shortly, and I wouldn't spend too much time lingering on them. More important is to look at how the workplace will change when they arrive en masse - "the end of command-and-control management."
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