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Today's Mastodon/Twitter update. Matthias Ott explains how to convert your Twitter archive into something useful (including fixing all the links, which because they're links in the archive, will break when Twitter fails. From Jisc's Steve Bailey, things to consider when setting up your Mastodon instance. Miguel Guhlin with some brief reflections on transitioning from 13K followers to zero. explains the fediverse in a video with cats and dogs. The EFF asks whether Mastodon is private and secure. Mark Carrigan asks whether there's a future for the academic social capital (can you guess he's from the LSE?) held on Twitter. Ted Curran points to an excellent tutorial on how to self-verify your account on Mastodon (I've done this myself as well). No blue checks needed! A short post on content warnings on Mastodon. Finally, confronting the possibility of not being on social media.

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