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X5GON, Oct 28, 2022

There has been a very good discussion over the last few days on an OEG Connect discussion list on the subject of OER repositories, and from it I found this resource. Now, while it draws from an impressive list of sources, searching with it reveals many of the problems faced by this community. I did a search, for example, for 'Pluto' (my favourite planet). On the first page (of 436), after a link to the Connexions chapter on Pluto and Charon, we get numerous other links from the same resource, with titles such as 'Review Questions', 'Index' and 'Summary'. Several pages in, we begin to get other resources - a physics lecture from Yale (addressing 'the Pluto problem'), a Geology book from eCampus Ontario (addresses 'pluton problems'), 'Energieträger im Überblick' (Energy sources at a glance), and more. I appreciate the open search and API support, but the resource demonstrates how difficult it is to provide subject-based OER searches.

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