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Here is a video of a workshop offered in the 'Catalyst' series by the Penn Graduate School of Education (GSE) and as the title suggests it's more focused on the business of edtech than the tech of edtech. It's worth looking at presentations like Katelyn Donnelly's 'Next Massive Trends in Education Technology' (slides) to see how edtech is being viewed in this context. She offers 'four trillion dollar facts': edtech is now unstoppable, basic literacy and math are still challenges, there's a poor ROI on education (evidenced by $1.75 trillion outstanding student loan debt), and the rise of freelancers (contributing $1.2 trillion to the U.S. economy). The result? It's in this report (77 page PDF). The traditional university is being unbundled. "In the era of modern technology, when students can individually and collectively create knowledge themselves, outstanding quality without high fixed costs is both plausible and desirable."

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