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Inside Higher Ed (IHE) is paywalled, but I have 2 of 5 free page views left, and I'll use one to demonstrate why something like this isn't worth paying for. In this article author Susan D'Agostino outlines why publishers are "expressed concern" over the U.S. government's open access mandate for federally funded research. The article cites without irony an objection from Ithaka (think: JSTOR): "If I can get $1 million from a grant maker, do I use $100,000 [of that sum] to pay for another postdoc or to pay for open-access publishing charges?" What, like that's the only way to provide open access to research results? Seriously? Here's a better plan (and this plan has been around for decades): take the money you've been spending on book and journal purchases, and instead spend it on institutional archives, then share your archive with everybody. That's how you pay for open access (and save a bundle in the process).

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