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I encourage you to read this interview and especially this document on Kraken culture. This is not because I endorse it - I don't - but because it's a clear expression of a world view that permeates much of tech culture generally. And while I skew away from many of the libertarian leanings (because I think it's not a dog-eat-dog world and there is room for compassion and caring) I still think there are some good points. Like this: "Diversity cannot exist if there is no 1) diversity of thought and 2) tolerance of diverse thoughts." Now you may think this contradicts the idea of a dictatorship. That's exactly the problem with this document. You can't enforce a monoculture and have diversity, But you can't have innovation and growth (let alone a global workforce) without diversity. Enforcement of the monoculture eventually becomes toxic. That's what we see in some societies, and that's what we see in some workplaces.

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