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I was initially enthused at the thought of reading a heady criticism of connectivism, but this completely anonymous web leaves me wanting just because it's so short. Still, the critique is on point. It asks "How does the connectivist cMOOC e-Learning 3.0 demonstrate the theory in which it is grounded?" It starts out OK. "It feels more familiar and authentic that the typical video-quiz-discussion structure of the standard MOOC." But the low rate of participation tells. "Looking at the surface analysis above, #el30 seems small, dislocated and disconnected, affectless and cold. Because it lacks living material warmth, a certain touch and affect which renders these interactions 'emotional, affiliative and meaning-rich'." All fair enough, I suppose. Having had more people would have helped a lot, I think. And also a better way to support direct interaction. But yeah, "the actual practice feels trickier to grasp."


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