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It's a good question. After all, if microcredentials aren't recognized by employers, what's the point? According to this article, "executives are more convinced of the value of microcredentials than are managers more directly involved in hiring decisions." So "the verdict is still out on how much return on investment these credentials provide to students and how compelling they are for employers with hiring needs." Not so fast, though. While an EdSurge article does say this, this post as a whole is basically a loosely collected set of summaries of six papers on microcredentials, most of which report on their benefits and support for them by both employers and employees. The papers: the aforementioned EdSurge article, McGreal and Olcott Jr. on microcredentials and university strategy; an EdSurge article promoting an online course service; a BBC article on the role of microcredentials; SHRM finding a rise of microcredentials in hiring; and Class Central's massive list of MOOC-based microcredentials.

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