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My own answer these days might be "no" because there have been so many changes over the years. While I've been focused on trends and new instructional technologies, actual practices have changed and developed, and it's impossible to be everywhere. The core tech skills I have - graphic, audio and video editing skills. I don't use the software suites (Articulate, Captivate) at all because of cost. Nor do I use LMSs much, because of relevance, but to get a job you'd probably want some experience (advice: download Moodle into a cloud environment and mess around with it). Matthew Lunch also says that a "college degree in education is required along with knowledge about learning theories, instructional systems, learning models, and adult learning principles." Tony Bates, who linked to this item, "the logical way is to get the qualification first and the experience later, but many people of necessity go the opposite route," which says a lot about what's wrong with the qualification system.

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