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AISEO Paraphraser

Dilyar Buzan, AISEO, Apr 05, 2022

Paraphrasers are getting better as AI becomes more and more capable. This product is touted as "a direct competitor to Wordtune and Quillbot." Here is an image of how the paraphaser handled an OLDaily article, reducing it to 40 words from about twice that, and perhaps more importantly, achieving a 'uniqueness' score of 80%. I'd rank the content accuracy at a similar grade (it misattributes the pandemic as the cause of the problems with hybrid learning, but is otherwise accurate). I also tested it on a 500 word article I wrote yesterday (I had to sign up for the free plan) but in this case the paraphaser failed miserably. You can see the results here. That's a good thing for teachers assigning essays. Paraphrasers will be effective within the decade, though, which really reshapes the whole discussion around plagiarism.

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